12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #109”

  1. Is it an iceberg, Elizabeth, or something smaller? It’s gorgeous … the shape and texture, the light on the ice like melted gold, though I’m not sure of the size or perspective. In any case, it’s mesmerizing. (It’s funny, but after admiring Allison’s photo this week, I thought the smaller figure upper left in this one looked a little like a bear!)


  2. Well the effect is mesmerizing. Something to stare and stare at, wondering and imagining all sorts. I see the bear. Definitely a bear. Polar of course. And a man (I can tell it’s not a woman from the body language) standing at the door of some crazy Salvidor Dali-esque ice igloo. He appears to be followed by yet another bear but, don’t worry, it’s only one of his beloved huskies. A little pauchy is this dear mutt… and that could be because the north is warming… In fact this gorgeous structure will soon be molten gold. And a fat lot of good that will do anyone. Rorschach aside, it looks like this is all happening on tarmac, so I’m guessing it’s a global scene in miniature. And all *that* aside… wow. What an amazing shot! Street art at its best. (:


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