Two moons, a star and ships’ horns

Here in St. John’s, two things they’re doing to keep peoples’ spirits up are relighting the Christmas star on Cabot Tower for the duration of the quarantine and playing a harbour symphony (ships’ horns) every Friday evening in honour of all the essential workers. The huge full moon last night also helped raise my spirits and when I downloaded it from my camera, I found another photo from a month or two ago of an almost full moon. It’s the only one I’ve ever taken with my small camera that shows the moon’s craters in something like 3D so I’ve added that photo here too, even though it’s not as recent.

Harbour symphony in honour of essential workers from Elizabeth Yeoman on Vimeo.

The star on Signal Hill, usually lit during the Christmas season but now re-lit until the end of the current crisis.
Last month’s moon, nearly full, showing craters along the lower edge
This month’s full moon.

6 thoughts on “Two moons, a star and ships’ horns”

  1. Elizabeth, as always I love your photos and accompanying descriptions. I heartily agree with the decision to relight the Christmas star – what a lovely thing and your photos of the moon are breathtaking. I can’t believe the amount of detail you were able to get. Also, I Love the harbour symphony! What a creative thing to do. It reminds me in a small way of when we lived in North Vancouver and all the ships in the harbour would blow their horns at midnight on New Year’s Eve. We were generally tucked up in bed but loved to hear that sound at midnight. Also, there was generally something plaintive about the sound of the fog horns in the harbour. Do you find that? Do you remember that Barbara?

    We’re sitting in the sun in our backyard and I’m just waiting for my newly trained bartender to deliver cocktails😃

    Cheers Allison


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    1. Yes, very plaintive, isn’t it? And so are fog horns. But to me they also bring happy memories of visiting my grandparents in Halifax and listening to ships and foghorns in bed at night.


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