Lens Culture Visual Storytelling Awards

I always intend to write about visual storytelling and film in this blog but rarely manage to do more than post my own photos every so often, and links to other peoples’ photos and writing even more occasionally. Here’s one of the latter, a Guardian article showcasing some of the award winners in the Lens Culture awards. Something to inspire more imaginative efforts in my Wordless Wednesday posts at least!

A Different Story About Climate Change

Naomi Klein’s essay about climate change¬†and the video above tell a different story about climate change than most of the terrifying narratives of inevitable catastrophe. I do think the situation we are in is terrifying. I often feel overwhelmed. But, as Naomi points out, humanity has faced huge odds before and rallied. We don’t really have other options except to give up or pretend it’s not happening. Her essay is about why it’s crucial to change the story and the video is an example of how to do that. Also worth having a look just for the beautiful photos by Dorothea Lange and Gordon Parks, used as examples of the role of artists in the New Deal of the 1930s.