7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #173”

  1. There’s so much in this to dwell on and love. The crinkly texture of the water above, gradually calming and turning nobbled-glassy, around the lily pads. The subtle shades of the pads themselves and their sweet flowers. And then the pleasing diagonals of the composition, very fine!


  2. Elizabeth I love the way the lily pads float into the scene, you can imagine them gradually filling up the entire tableau. The beautiful shapes and colours so beautifully compliment the soft water textures – it gives me a sense of blissful peace.


  3. Selfish me here. Homesick. Tired of ‘vanilla’ landscape. Hope to be back north later this month and will be anxiously awaiting the ice “going out” from the lake clearing a clean path for the water plants to show off, especially the lilies! Thank you Elizabeth for posting this heart-lifting, beautiful image.


  4. I like the way the leaves are collaged almost, and the implied hidden depths of the water. Nice colours, too.


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