12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #110”

  1. Yowzers! This has so much going on. First impression, the pearly jewel-like quality of the shards of melting ice, and of course the perfect way they have aligned themselves within the frame of the composition — against the glossy and reflective randomly laid tiles… Aha, but there is more going on here. There IS a story. What of those traces of rosy red in the hollow of the largest piece of pearly ice? What happened here, one wintry night? What act of violence (or accidental fall?) has just at last been revealed? This is a gorgeous but at the same time quite scary image! Yowlers indeed!


  2. Awesome composition E! I’m going to take a stab at ice melting on a linoleum floor? Trust you to see and capture the magical quality of that light and dark – it looks like giant amoebae glistening and separating in the silvery hues.


  3. Yes, that bit of rosiness… conjures up an ice-bound mystery, NL-style! Also adore the tone and glossiness of this black-and-white-but-not shot. I can practically feel the cool wetness, the temperature of the melt. You’re on an ice theme! Does this reflect on springtime in the east? (I suppose it would… icebergs floating by for a couple months yet, no? I was there once in early June and gobsmacked by the wonder and beauty of it.)


  4. A tantalizing shot, Elizabeth. I love the juxtapostion of organic against geometric shapes. No idea what this is … but … it made me think first of crustaceans, perhaps an exotic species of oyster. But then, the luster in the bubbles put me in mind of liquid silver droplets. The background a table cloth? So, Elizabeth, I am stumped. Looking forward to the reveal.


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