7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #108”

  1. This brings back with a thump memories of living in an Ottawa suburb with a similar skyline … the dreariness and oft-times early morning near despair transformed by a sunrise like this, silhouetting an intricate network of wires and poles and transformers that became a kind of consolation as I prepared to hang out sheets to freeze on the clothesline! Long ago!


  2. I have a soft spot for scenes like this, where the urban and the natural meet. I love the reminder that nature is everywhere, even behind the power lines, beyond the roof tops, and that those elements also have beauty, purpose and a story to tell. Lovely shot, Elizabeth.


  3. I like the contrast here — the vivid colours of nature seen through the distracting power poles and lines and artificial lights and other necessities of civilization. But as Carin says, this shot is a reminder that nature and beauty are everywhere, if pay attention.


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