9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #95”

  1. Wonderful what you’ve done with this. The colours and tones, the sketchiness; it feels like an etching. That beauty aside, the birds! I want to know what they’re looking at. This wants to be the cover of something.


  2. I absolutely love the painterly effect of the water behind these cleverly balancing chaps, very oriental-watercolourish. And then the convivial nature of the two cranes with their legs so neatly tucked up, and each so very different in feathered clothing. The “words” come from them on this wordless day, I’d say, and the way one can ALMOST listen in. Terrific.


  3. I like everything about this shot: the colour palette, the stance of the two birds (both looking in the same direction), the composition. What really makes it is the treatment that makes it look like a painting. I agree with Allison — you’ve left it for the viewer to decide, and that’s intriguing.


  4. I agree with Barbara – very Oriental looking! Like gilded Victorian wallpaper or folding screens. I like the one-leg vertical at centre – good composition.


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