17 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #94”

  1. Oh wow. So much power here. I could stare at this for ages and keep finding more… more texture, space, another layer of tone on tone, another face or shape in the rocks… Such simplicity and stillness and yet it suggests anything but. Nicely framed too, with no single focal point. Perfect.

    Is that an Inuksuk in the foreground?

    Would love to hear the story(ies) attached. Both real and those the shot inspires.


    1. Not an Inukshuk but a cairn, near Tromsø, high above the arctic circle in northern Norway. The only “real” story is that we hiked up there our first day in Tromsø, or the only story I know anyway. No idea how old the cairn is or what its original purpose was. I must try to find out. As far as stories inspired by the shot go, the scene makes me think of Middle Earth or some other Tolkien-esque landscape. What about you?

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  2. This is a stunning photo: the varied colour and texture and weight of the stones, the pools in the distance, the clouds and contrail (which seems to add a sense of motion to the image). Such a dramatic composition. There’s something haunting about it. It could be of a different world, but how wonderful that it’s of ours.


    1. See my response to Carin, above. I too thought it evoked a children’s story involving magic – if not Tolkien, then the Moomintrolls.


  3. “Other worldly” is what springs to mind. So dramatic and cool and intriguing. I wonder if the “other world” I am intuiting is actually an ANCIENT world? Is this a very old shrine…or a cairn on a height you have ascended? Either way it’s perfect, with that arc of white across the chill dark sky, a portent surely. And a wonderful composition, so full of mystery and atmosphere.


    1. Now I’m really wondering about that cairn, Barbara. I don’t know anything about it. It does all look quite other-worldly, doesn’t it? In fact, it was a bright sunny day and a cheerful convivial hike. I got this effect by playing with the (“smart”) settings and editing on my camera.


  4. A captivating image, Elizabeth. It seems as if it has stood there forever, ancient and remote. The rugged terrain in the background repeats that sense of power and mystery … all this juxtaposed against a blindingly bright blue sky and … a contrail! Gorgeous.


  5. Just hearing Edward talking of phallic photos (re NDP Auschwitz story this morning) – I can’t see otherwise now, ha! I’m thinking of Old Man Mountain in Jasper and the Cerne Abbas Giant in Dorset combined…

    I also just learnt a new word – contrail!

    Did you see any Fjord ponies?


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