10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #100”

  1. Lovely lovely lovely! So evocative, so northern, so musical in a way: echoing with “The song my paddle sings” in one chorus, and inescapably also “Lara’s Theme” — and Land of the Silver Birch…. And aside from all that beautifully composed with the upright papery trunks on the right, the flash of golden leaves to the left, and the chill exciting breath of the north through it all…!


  2. I too had the words to “Land of the Silver Birch” running through my mind as I looked at this. It’s an iconic Canadian image. I’ve always loved birches. They stand out here as so brilliantly white, and the golden leaves to the left create a beautiful contrast. This makes me think of crisp and almost painfully bright autumn days, just before the snow descends.


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