10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #101”

    1. The funny thing is that this elaborately decorated place, which I at first thought was a small church, turned out to be just a shed!


      1. I thought it was a church also, with the cross on top and what looks like a double door. That golden light emanating from within suggests powerful doings in that shed. Appropriate I suppose for the time of year and lowly outbuildings… A beautiful picture! I love the lights at this time of year… would like them to carry on much longer than they do.


  1. It’s amazing how the actual building can’t be seen, but the individual lights create a perfect outline of it. A shed? I too thought it was a small church — because of what looks like a cross on top. Someone took a lot of care in designing this — including using various colours, shapes, and configurations of lights. That inviting golden doorway is a lovely touch. Such a perfect Christmas shot, Elizabeth — this could be a card!


  2. The lights make nice perspective lines down the side of the shed, creating some depth in the darkness – the falling snow effect does that a bit, too! 🙂


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