12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #99”

  1. It’s interesting that the reflection is actually crisper than the real life. I love the way that the darkened trees provide the doorway into this lovely tranquil scene capturing the last light of day.


  2. I wrote a longish comment and it got eaten. I will try again. This is a beautiful and reflective shot, and so effective the way the dark trees and their reflected images frame the scene, leading the eye on towards the cluster of boats and THEIR reflections and then the promise-filled sky. Perfect.


  3. I love everything about this one. The dramatic lighting, of course, and the composition — which couldn’t be more perfect. The trees create the lovely natural frame. Along with the contrail and its watery reflection, they create a sense of movement: drawing the viewer’s eye to the boats and the mountains behind, and then up into the sky and down into the reflection. (At least, it did so for me!) This photo creates such a full experience — there are many places to explore in this peaceful scene, and yet the focal point, the boats, is clear.


  4. The reflection, yes, beautiful. But what I love best is the way we’re almost coming upon this scene accidentally, around a corner and through those trees. Genius angle.


  5. What a suggestive shot .. I really like the dream-like feel of the shot created by the sensation of drifting onto the scene through the trees .. nicely done!


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