5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #80”

  1. The framing of this shot, Elizabeth, emphasizes the ‘mystery’ … what waits beyond the dark tunnel? Joy. Trees. People. A busy market, perhaps.


  2. The people on the right appear to have birds on their heads. Reminds me of a pen and ink drawing by an Italian artist (the bird on head motif) whose name I cannot recall. Puddles suggest people may have been taking shelter from a brief rain; the washed out sky, lightening now?, bodes for better weather perhaps… and that splash of green confirms it. That splash of green, in fact, is brilliant.


  3. Love the framing of this shot, Elizabeth, and the silhouettes make one look closer to try to see who these people are and what’s happening. It does have a mysterious feel. The reflection of light in water (from rain?) on the ground adds interests and draws the eye. I didn’t notice till Carin mentioned it that the people on the right have something on their heads, but I can’t tell what … curious! I look forward to the reveal. Was this taken in China?


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