15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #81”

  1. There is no doubt about where the eye takes you in this photo Elizabeth – it seems to me that I’m following behind the folks headed home after a long day, to the warmth and light of their homes, some ending the journey early on, some trudging on up and up the hill. Heads down against the chill and a weariness of the day reflects in the walkers’ postures but maybe a little hope too.


  2. This is one of those pictures that elicits and immediate “Mmmmm!” of pleasure. I love the golden buildings, the early-evening lapis sky, the road leading towards pleasure surely, towards the hour of the “passegiatta” perhaps in some little Italian town? (I’ve forgotten how to spell that in Italian, but I refer to the hour when everyone comes out and strolls around and looks everyone else up and down…) Lovely! Where?


  3. Early morning, or evening? I’d like to think it’s the latter. I love that time of day, the sense of homeward bound, shoes off, dinner in the offing (or oven), conversation, shoulders dropping… Lawren Harris painted some beautiful street shots of Toronto; this could have been the model for any of them. No backpacks in his version though. And I like that, too. The timelessness of the shot mixed with something that places it very much in the ‘now’.


  4. It is actually a suburb of Paris. On the last day of the conference on urban walking we had the option of a walking tour with one of the conference organizers. It was the most wonderful walk, about six hours of walking through neighbourhoods, parks and semi-rural and wooded areas. The theme was Utopias and, well, I could say a lot more about it but it was most definitely a highlight of my trip and an unforgettable experience – aspects of Paris one does not usually see as a visitor.


    1. I think taking a good walking tour is probably one of the best things anyone can do when travelling. I’ve never regretted one. Sounds absolutely wonderful… from even the snippets you’ve shared.

      Another example of serendipity… this afternoon I came across the following quote from Virginia Woolf’s essay about walking in London: ‘Street Haunting’, and I thought of this picture.

      “The evening hour, too, gives us the irresponsibility which darkness and lamplight bestow.”


      1. So lovely, Carin. Thank you for that. And yes, it was evening and we were quite weary and hungry but very happy and deep down satisfied by all the sites we had seen – from the planned community built by the owners of the 19th C Menier chocolate factory to the remains of a community for the homeless built by Abbé Pierre and the ragpickers of Emmaus after WWII to former dairy lands (Brie, the original home of the cheese, mow a Paris suburb) to river, park, field and forest, and much more. The walkers in the photo were indeed, I think, relaxing into “the irresponsibility which darkness and lamplight bestow.”


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