8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #77”

  1. JOY!!! YES. What a delightful picture, what a perfect moment caught. I love the flow of the red scarf, the beautiful flowered tunic: a woman who got up in the morning and DRESSED for joy. Thank you Elizabeth. It made me happy.

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  2. This really is pure joy. Love the expression on both faces; she’s the ‘joy’, while he is lovingly amused. (Great shot, though I feel I’ve seen it before… in fact I know I have. Or one of a series? There was a story that went with it, that was equally charming…)


    1. Ah, now I remember why, Carin! I put it on Facebook as part of the black and white challenge we did a while ago. Sorry for the re-post, but it probably belongs here as well. It feels more permanent to me here, even though I do realize FB is permanent too, and it’s one of my favourites from the trip to China last fall. She was having such fun posing and seemed quite happy to pose for me too.


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