9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #78”

  1. …Another of those moment when clicking on one of you guys’ photos elicits an MMMMM! in appreciation. This is perfect Elizabeth. The action, the “story”, the setting, the artistic “something” you’ve done to the sky … and the way you’ve framed the scene in a fuzzed out oval, which gives it all a story-book look. Perfect, as I said.

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  2. Nicely done, Elizabeth … I like the post processing techniques you used here. The viewer is pulled into the scene, eye travelling from object to object and THEN realizing those are surf (not snow) boards! That isn’t snow and ice, but beach and ocean. What a great wordless story!


  3. Nothing pleases me the way an off-season beach scene does! I’d love it even without the boards (wonderful, the overall tone you’ve created with this effect; for a moment we wonder if it’s a drawing or a photo) but the boards take it to another level and suddenly we realize people are wearing coats, that various mind-sets are crossing paths here… We wonder what they make of each other. Do they speak? Meanwhile, the dog is happy chuntering along, seeing with its nose. (:


  4. I love this one, Elizabeth: the framing, the b&w stylization (does that word make sense here?) of the image that emphasizes the lines of the beach and surf (it does at first look like snow!), all the characters and the action taking place. How did you accomplish that composition? — it couldn’t be better if you’d planned it out.The two people in the background, the three in mid-stride — nicely balanced movement from both sides — and the dog straining at his leash. It’s an appealing moment you’ve caught, and the post-production gives it a dash of artistry.


  5. What a wonderful other worldly feel to this shot Elizabeth, and you know I had to look for a moment to decide if it was summer or winter – it could be either – people walking on the sand or the ice. Both the black and white treatment and your post-process editing work marvellously.


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