12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #76”

    1. It does indeed nudge summer memories, doesn’t it, Allison? That’s why it put it up, as a blizzard rages outside here (though I know you have snowdrops coming up there and may not be in quite such a need of a summer fix). It was actually October and quite chilly, though not in Newfoundland but the Baie de la Somme in northern France. The woman in the bikini was the only swimmer at the beach. I took the photo with a telephoto lens, which I would not normally feel quite comfortable about but they are not really identifiable so I think it’s OK!


  1. This is wonderful. Feels like a kind of time-lapsed photo splice. Same woman some years apart. The faded background just adds to the time-passing mood. So evocative, this. One of my faves of yours. And that’s saying something.


  2. I love the “balance” of the scene too, and the implied sense of rotation somehow, the clothes woman coming towards us, the bikini moving away, the tide rushing in, in between. And, as Carin says, so evocative with the soft shades, “time passing” mood indeed. A lovely shot.


  3. I was afraid that was me on the right, at first! I like the entry/exit dynamic going on. Did you make it washed out on purpose, to imply how bright sun affects (blue) eyes?


    1. I did make it a bit more washed out than it really was but not consciously for the reason you say. I just thought the effect suggested bright sunshine and shimmer. Also because they were at the far end of the reach of my zoom and a bit hazy already. In fact it was quite cold out despite the sunshine, and the bikini clad woman was the only one in a bathing suit on the beach! (Though I would have joined her if I’d had one with me. We had actually gone there to see the seals.)


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