7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #184”

  1. An obviously well-used and well loved bookshelf signalling your favourites perhaps Elizabeth? It’s a thing of beauty! I would love to know some of the stories of these choices, but can only guess that they are important to your life story. I can just feel my hand reaching out, running my fingers over those spines!


  2. Edith Nesbitt! “The Magic City” made a great impression me – I suppose because we made Magic Cities ourselves. Was it Granny’s book (that old worn out one with no spine and that smells so great!)?


    1. Magic City is the one at the right end of the upper left shelf. All the illustrations inside have been painted by (presumably) Mum and Aunt Elizabeth. Which gives me an idea for next week’s photo… The one in the middle, lower left, is The Blue Castle, another much loved book, at least by me. It has added illustrations by Mum and/or Aunt E.


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