4 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #71”

  1. What a delightful image, Elizabeth. Is this lovely individual wearing tea towel bunny ears that are beautifully co-ordinated with the white/blue pots on the window sill? Is there a celebration going on? Intrigued. Looking forward to the reveal!


  2. This is terrific. I’d go further and say it’s a WINNER. Story-wise, delight-wise, colour-wise, detail-wise — and head-gear-wise. I wish I could read the writing. Is he the proprietor of a noodle shop? I haven’t had breakfast and this makes me very hungry, at the same time as feeling at the same time very satisfied, because it’s just so … perfect. Of course I look forward to hearing more!


  3. Love the weeping willow reflection, and the cacti on either side of the counter. I read something recently about cactus being a very powerful plant to remove negative energy from a space. Also said to reduce levels of radiation in the air. I think even NASA uses the plants in some way. I wonder if this chap is onto that or whether he just wants to keep difficult customers at bay… Lovely, these slices of China you’ve captured.


  4. What a lovely whimsical shot Elizabeth – I love the matching cacti on either side of the sill and the affable fellow all set to take your order for some delicious concoction. Lots of great colour too.


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