9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #71”

  1. Oh, what a stunning juxtaposition of images. Totally lovely the way the “golden past” is there, in the foreground, encapsulated by its high grey walls against the upward-careening present (and indeed future). A marvellous shot. Where??????

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  2. Love that brilliant shot of gold in all the grey, Elizabeth. The juxtaposition of old and new speaks volumes of the magical and mysterious place you travelled to.


  3. That roof couldn’t look richer, with its gold glow and soft curves and embellishments, than it does with that backdrop of grey sky and cold boxy buildings. What a stark contrast. It beckons, doesn’t it? Great angle too with that wall cutting across diagonally, closing the temple in. Where was it taken, Elizabeth?


  4. I love the scrap of wall showing in the foreground, giving the sense of peeking over it and finding this amazing treasure… Once the largest city in the world. Wow. What a thing to see. Lucky you. Lucky us too. Loving your China pix…


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