6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #181”

  1. I love all the straight vertical lines up layered against the soft tree shapes here Elizabeth. The colours are so bold and vibrant as well.

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  2. Nature is swallowing the human-made! Organic free-form rules over constructed geometry! And that cloud looks like Pyramid Mountain in Jasper.


  3. The bluest sky in the universe, and a cloud MUCH bigger than a man’s hand; which makes me wonder about those vertical shapes: not downspouts; not organ pipes. Could they be tiny tiny missiles? Is this a missile base masquerading as a … something else? Anyway, I give up. Give us the deets, lady!


  4. I would love to know enough about clouds to be able to say whether it’s possible this is one… but that blue blue sky… seems a very cloudless kind of blue. So if smoke billowing, then what kind of smoke is thick and heavy and cloud-like? Pretty even. And what sort of factory would have this kind of extraordinary landscaping? All of which leads me to offer my guess at The What… which I think might be the back of a grand estate. The bit we’re looking at is… where the make wine? Cider? That’s it. A cidery. Final answer. (And the smoke is a cloud.)(Or the employee vaping area.) Seriously final answer.


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