6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #165”

  1. We just had a bit of a snow day in Winnipeg, with high winds the next day causing drifts. I just walked to the grocery store and the sidewalk was plowed to a pretty good standard. There was a city councillor, who I don’t like, on the radio yesterday complaining about how a bike lane was cleared before a sidewalk in his area. Most new active transportation paths for both bikes and pedestrians. This guy didn’t get that & kept saying how few people in Winnipeg use the bike lanes in winter & they should be used to store snow from the streets, etc. He was saying this as a bike went past me. Also he doesn’t get that more people use them if they are cleared. An active transportation guy on there tried to explain these things to him, saying all people using all types of transportation want predictability, they want to know they can go to work easily, etc. The councillor just wasn’t having it. We still have a long way to go.


  2. Elizabeth, I continue to be shocked by these photos and stories. I don’t live in a snowy place (Penticton BC), but still we have rules that sidewalks must be cleared by 10:00 A.M. or you are liable to be ticketed (this includes the City). I simply can’t imagine the huge obstacles to getting around in St. John’s – so dangerous and discriminating of anyone not driving a car. Well, let’s face it, it presents danger for the car drivers as well. Your pictures say it all!

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  3. Yes, as above, they say it all with gusto and gutsiness and suitable gloom (trying to stick to alliteration here!). The “walk” sign wonderfully ironic, as is the progress from image to image. Aaaargh! Please do not take your life in your hands this winter!


  4. So the battle continues. Dear oh dear. (The shot with people walking on the street instead of the cleared sidewalk… is that because the sidewalk is cleared but still too icy to be safe?)


  5. Yes, I wonder that as well Carin. I see people walking down the road beside cleared sidewalks regularly. Is it because the sidewalks usually end in a wall of snow?


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