6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #152”

  1. This is really creepily wonderful Elizabeth! It is among so many things a testament to the powerful attraction of reading — anywhere, by anyone. But my goodness, where did you come upon her? When? For a moment those adorable little feet convinced me that she is “real” — and indeed of course, in her own “fictional” way, she is. How eerie and how fun and how intriguing.


  2. Is it a gravestone? At first I thought it was on a train track. She’s not dressed well for the snow. Absorbed in her book!


  3. I have one of these fairies in my garden. Mine is sitting, but reading too. The best ones always are…Oh, but I just realized yours isn’t a fairy, no wings. So it’s an honest to god real girl. Even better. Or maybe she’s waiting to get her wings? Or has taken them off because the day’s so hot. (:


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