22 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #146”

  1. I also immediately thought “England”. Now isn’t that wild? Why should I think England?? What about it makes that happen??? (I didn’t even notice the rocks/wall. It was simply the tree that did it. Or maybe a subliminal landscape effect also. Curious.) Also very powerful, this pic. I can imagine the area filled with all kinds of energy. True?

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    1. I’m not sure why, Carin, but it doesn’t look like a Canadian tree, does it? Certainly not a Newfoundland or Labrador tree anyway.


    1. Of course, I had to google “Alison Uttley tree” to see what came up but I didn’t find any like that. I did find out that she wrote far more books than I realized and also that the historical aspects of A Traveller in Time were based on the real life Babington plot to save Mary Queen of Scots. Remember we were talking about falling in love with a historical personage? I wonder if she fell in love with Anthony Babington.


      1. I knew that the Babington plot was real. The A. Uttley story I was thinking of is called The Key to the Tree, I think, from “Magic In My Pocket”.


      2. Of course you did! My British history is full of holes. I do remember Magic in my Pocket but not that specific story. Do you still have it?


      3. Yes, I have it – just re-read it this minute after many years! It’s called “The Keys to the Trees” (plural – but the oak is most impressive. Is it an oak in your photo?) I was going to attach an illustration, but I guess I can’t here. Facebook…


      4. “Magic In My Pocket” is a compilation of stories from other books of hers. I remember wondering about all those other books, and how to get them…


  2. Oh to be in England! My heart yearns to be right there where you were taking this photograph Elizabeth. I can smell it, taste it, feel it! Let’s get walking!

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