10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #126”

    1. Lavishly photoshopped. Dom said “There’s something funny about your face… and you look twenty years younger.” I was trying to emulate Nigella and learn some new things with my camera and editing.


  1. Love this picture of you, Elizabeth … and yup, I definitely see the (unbroken) end of the rolling pin. Cookies taste as good as they look, I’m sure, especially from that beautiful smile!


  2. Great smile, Elizabeth. I love the way the red of your lipstick and of the shawl is echoed in the candles. And that you’re offering the cookies to the observer. I do see the rolling pin, and I remembered the story you told. You’ve cleverly hidden the broken end. Seems it works very well anyway! 🙂 Shortbread?


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