9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #116”

  1. What a wonderful portrait Elizabeth. I love your treatment of it, giving it the texture of an old painting or maybe a painting done on a stucco wall. Then again, it feels like you could lift the layers, as layers of old paint and find other surprises underneath. Beautifully done.


  2. Love the stucco’d effect and what is becoming your signature, that splash of red. (Not sure red is your signature, but it seems to me splashes of unexpected colour are.) Love the mood you’ve created here from a very simple street scene.

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    1. Thanks for that insight, Carin. Now I’ll go back and analyze my photos in that light. Always learning something new with WW!


  3. Love the watercolour effect. It gracefully ‘ages’ the photo … perhaps pushing it into the realm of a beloved memory. Gorgeous, Elizabeth.


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