10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #113”

  1. I LOVE this — absolutely my kind of scene. The patterning, of course, and the soft seductive colours — but then the hint of “hmmmm” in the dark gap, the sense of something mysterious, the imagined eye of a tiger, the shiver at the imagined jungle-shaking roar…. (Ah, but it’s a garden in Cornwall, right??? 🙂 )))


  2. What sweet textures and layering of colours Elizabeth. It makes me feel that I could reach into that bamboo screen just a bit and feel the smooth surfaces and run my fingers over the knobby joints.


  3. I’ve never seen bamboo in any colour other than green or tan. Is this dyed or natural? Either way, I imagine it as a fence belonging to someone interesting, on the other side of which is a funky porch with a selection of pinwheel sandwiches and tumblers of gin.


  4. Beautiful shot. I’d hang this on my wall. Lovely and surprising colours, and the lines and repetition are pleasing to the eye — somehow soothing. I can imagine the texture of the bamboo. Can anyone pass bamboo without reaching out to touch it? Is this a bamboo forest somewhere … or as someone else suggested, a fence? It doesn’t grow in England, where you just were, does it?


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