12 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #190”

  1. Thanks, Carin. Juniper berry recipes from an Inuit friend:
    1. Bowlful of berries with tinned milk and sugar. (Delicious if a bit seedy.)
    2. Sivik: fry the berries with cod livers. (I haven’t tried that one yet but it sure sounds nutritious and now that I’ve tasted the berries, uniquely flavoured as well. Dying to get some livers so I can taste it.)


  2. What a lovely concept – looking down for to see fall colours! What stunning shades and shapes, Elizabeth. I’m favouring the second one, though all are beautiful.

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  3. I love them all! Great colours, and nice contrast of busy compositions with contemplative subject in that you’d have to be focussing on tiny things on the ground in order to get the photos (if that make sense). And, yes, they would make great abstract paintings. Or just framed and hung as a group. ❀

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