5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #178”

  1. Oh this is a winner. It’s perfect in all kinds of ways. The expression is wonderful because one has no idea what it means. Are they happy because it’s about to rain or because it’s just stopped or because at least it isn’t snow? Or simply because it’s a gorgeous umbrella and it’s theirs!! More likely it’s a magic umbrella and they’re about to take off. Many possibilities. Is there a story? Or is it a capture?

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    1. True words spoken in jest, Carin, because it actually is snowing here today, or was earlier. Yes, I think he was just happy about getting to hold the umbrella and maybe it is a magic one too.


  2. This is adorable — Ii looks to me just to be total happiness to be stepping out into the rain under such a “sunny” umbrella. I can smelll the rain, the freshness of the air, and the wonderful feeling of walking in the rain under an umbrella (something we hardly ever get to do here in the dry Interior).


  3. I can almost remember what joy it was to be out in the rain under an umbrella. Kids never seemed to be deterred by something as innocuous as a wee bit of rain. Delightful image, Elizabeth. Thanks for the memory.


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