15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #160”

  1. I like everything about this. The pops of colour. The where we’ve been and the where we’re going. The body language of the walker… they’ve been walking a while, or are preparing to. Wild growing poppies are always a joy. The narrow gravel road. (Is this England? If so, I must say those roads are a trick to drive, as you’ll know.
    I remember loving the little pull-over areas, make-shift or otherwise, where one driver would give way to the other. So civilized, I thought. Almost a Chip ‘n Dale sort of process: “Allow me; No no, allow ME; no no no, wouldn’t hear of it…” haha!) Lovely pic. And I hope there’s a story that goes with it. xo

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  2. Thanks for the lovely comment, Carin. It is actually in northern Spain, where I was hiking with a friend a couple of weeks ago, somewhere near Pamplona. (That’s my friend walking.)


  3. This is perfect in every way. The slanting “earth-eye” view, the closeness of the foreground, allowing us to almost smell the grass, inhale the colour … to imagine how refreshing this must be to the walker who does look as if she’s walked a long way today and could do with a bit of refreshment (hopefully something a little stronger just over the next hill???). I love this picture.

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