7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #154”

  1. There are so many layers to this photograph Elizabeth, I like what it doesn’t say as much as what it does say, and leaves us with many questions – what is the woman working on, who are the portraits of in the foreground, what does she see outside the window, does she know the photographer is present? I like the complexity of it, and at the same time the ordinariness.


  2. How wonderfully the mirror opens up the room and lets the view in … just enough! But my goodness what industry is going on just beyond our ken: two laptops, two lamps (one perhaps with a magnifying capacity?); countless semi-packaged interesting documents; and of course the lovely young woman who is busy with all of this, doing … what? So intriguing. And as Ms. B says above, so multi-layered.


  3. Amazing how you got this magnificent, mirrored shot without catching the tiniest glimpse of the ‘shooter’. I’d love to know more about the medallion hanging at the top of the mirror frame? Is that an eye? I love that the woman has that curtain-less window to look out onto … what ???


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