8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #147”

  1. That sky! It could be a watercolour, with the texture it has! And then as one scrolls down: the surprise of the silhouetted hillside: like an illustration in a marvellous Gothic tale! What a wonderful image. One can breath the freshness and the storm-pending air. Beautiful.


  2. This beautiful moody shot makes me think how much I love rainy days in summer, or any time really. But summer is special, maybe because of the porch-sitting that sometimes happens as the clouds roll in, the sky darkens, the drops begin, and the whole world smells like rain. Oh, to bottle that! Lovely pic, E.


  3. … and the wind is about to whip up and maybe a summer rain to cool us overnight before the sun does its cleanup job in the morning.


  4. It reminds me of ink & watercolour drawings I did when i was about 13 (like the one commissioned by Harvey Hanoomansingh), except I always had a horse on the skyline. 🙂


    1. A horse on the skyline would be great in this. It would add human interest. Or houyhnhnm interest. Could you photoshop one in for me?


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