8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #138”

    1. It was the parliament building until 1959. I just looked it up because I didn’t know much about its history. Among other things, “Worthy of note is the fact that the governing party had chosen to sit on the left side of the House of Assembly as opposed to the traditional right side of the speaker because that’s where the heaters were located, and it was the warmest part of the house. To this day the ruling party in the Newfoundland and Labrador House of Assembly continues to sit on the left side of the speaker of the house.” (Wikipedia) #historicaltrivia


  1. Oh, I would have loved this as a theme. “Neighbours”….!! I would have posted my corner plaza, which consists of a daycare, a hair salon and a now vacant corner store. Similar to yours, no? (: This looks like a museum. Is it a private home? If so, good lord.


    1. Neighbours would be a great theme, Carin! I do have other picturesque neighbours I could photograph if we have that as a theme. It’s a very mixed neighbourhood here. See above for response to your question. Actually, I’m not sure what it is now, other than a historic site.


  2. My guess was “Government House” but when I googled there were differences so I’m glad of the reveal — and the story! I love these bits of history of why things “are” (like the Brits driving on the left because in olden times you had to have your right arm free and centre (and sward at the ready) ready for knocking the other fellow off his horse in a joust!


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