15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #136”

  1. There’s that tiny hopeful patch of blue! Knowing you Elizabeth, you will be out enjoying a scene like this on your snowshoes or skis – going toward that blue patch.


  2. There’s something so soft and graceful about this shot. The trees are like dancers, all of them leaning in unison, and I love the network of branches — you can’t tell where one tree’s end and another’s begin. The eye is drawn, too, to that hint of blue sky opening up in the clouds.


  3. This looks like colour to me. The building through the trees has a russet tone and I think I see hints of blue in that snow. You’ve captured that beautiful and tricky light of winter where colour and b&w are hard to tell apart. But, yes, the symmetry is unusual. Maybe this is a wind-row of trees? I also like the criss cross of horizontal and vertical lines and the lacy patterns of the bare branches. Nice catch.


  4. I like the colour/contrast bands, like the way the tree trunks look dark against the snow but light against the background trees. Are the trees bent by the wind and have you exaggerated the bend by tilting the horizon a little? I’d like to see a lighted window, or a sunbeam hitting the house… (Maybe that’s SAD speaking, though!) Beautiful but bleak…


    1. Yes, I did tilt it. And I agree about the lack of light. And maybe I should have cropped it to have four “stripes” of roughly equal width? Not my best photo ever. It’s at PrĂ© d’en Haut, by the way.


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