9 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #131”

  1. Oh thrilling and scary. Venice? For some reason that is what I think of: that wonderfully louche Venetian night (I’ve forgotten when in the year) when the streets are full of masked figures and secret lives are lived. Do tell!


    1. Ah, this time of year the streets of St. John’s are filled with masked figures and louche goings on too, Barbara! He is a mummer, but an old fashioned “period” one outside a historic house near where we live.


  2. I love what you’ve done with this. I love the WordPress snow and I love the idea of mummering, despite its scarier aspects for the uninitiated (me). When does mummering beging? Is there a season or is it at xmas day thing?


    1. ‘begin’… not ‘beging’…. And ‘a xmas day thing’… not ‘at xmas day thing’. Not sure if this was spell check or me but I’m blaming SP.


    2. I think the season is from a week or two before Xmas until “old Christmas” on January 6 but I’m not sure. It’s kind of a revived tradition, though perhaps it never died in some outports. It does have some scary aspects and was outlawed at times because crimes were committed by mummers while their identity was hidden. Side note: when there was all the fuss a few years ago about veiled women voting (or not), some people in Newfoundland voted in mummering gear. Interestingly, they did it to critique the proposed legislation against voting with face covered while in Quebec people voted in masks and costumes to support the same legislation.


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