15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #122”

  1. Love the symmetry the wave ‘echos’ leave in the sand. How beautiful the lighting quality … all those coppers and silvers and golds against the pools of turquoise. A spectacular composition, Elizabeth!


  2. Stunning. I’m guessing this is late day rather than early morning, maybe because I love the beach late in the day… I want a picnic supper here. Where are you shooting from, a cliff? Also, what makes those rivulets? Have not seen anything like this. And I thought Lake Ontario was exciting. (:


    1. It’s like in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner – “the ribbed sea-sand”. I don’t know what causes it but I think sand is usually like that when the tide goes out, or at least a certain kind of sand. The rivulets are just water that the tide leaves behind. And I was just shooting from the beach, straight in front of me but aiming down a bit so it wouldn’t be directly into the sun. It was David’s cell phone actually and i had to promise him I’d buy him a new one if I ruined the lens. He always expects the worst.

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  3. I remember Dwight S. & maybe Thaddeus, too, doing photo essays on wave patterns in the sand like this.
    If those are footprints in the foreground, there is an interesting optical scale-thing going on with the tiny figures in the distance.
    Gorgeous blues! I’m sure you could easily sells prints of this in Shediac! 😀 I would buy one… xOx


    1. Not sure if they’re footprints or not but now I want to rush out and do another photo like this with big footprints in the foreground and tiny people in the background. Thanks for the idea!


    2. I looked on google images and found a series Thaddeus did on Sable Island. I can’t remember Dwight’s last name so I couldn’t look him up??


  4. This shot is magical, Elizabeth — the dynamic wave-drawn lines of sand (hard to believe nature created those — they seem so purposeful), the rivulets creating contrast, the pools of water reflecting sky, the sheen on everything. I like the way you focused on the sand, with only a little sky showing, an unusual perspective. And those tiny figures in the distance fascinate, wispy like a mirage, like spirits. You could create a whole series of these!


  5. There’s something almost creepily appealing about this vast stretch of wrinkled ocean floor. It speaks of the hidden life of oceans somehow, the power and the force of them … and then that tiny human figure in the distance, given its proper place in the great scheme of things. i love this.


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