“My London” – Photos by Homeless People

homeless-photography-2016-my-london-calendar-cafe-art-1This exuberant photo by ROL caught my eye on Facebook and took me to an article about an exhibition of photos by people in London who are homeless or have been touched by homelessness. The project is sponsored by CafeArt and The Royal Photographic society. This is the article showcasing some of the photos, with discussion of the value of the project and a link to their Kickstarter pitch. As one of the participants put it: “Some people say that this project does not help get us off the streets, well actually it does more than that, This project has changed my life, I was a broken man and dying on the streets off london, i entered this competition and got last years cover shot and April shot. from the exposure I’ve had work shown in New York, London, my pictures have been seen around the world, I got to meet the deputy Mayor Rio and donated a picture to him for a homeless day centre in Rio. Ive had a picture shown in Christies of London. My health and depression has improved, I’m now housed and I’m doing several volunteering jobs with the homeless and I’m now having a Documentary made about me. This all happened because of CafeArt. THEY SAVED MY LIFE…”

2 thoughts on ““My London” – Photos by Homeless People”

  1. Such power in the making of art, Elizabeth! I’m sure we’ve all felt that surge of energy that comes from the capture of life around us, regardless of medium. Thanks for sharing this … it’s such an inspiration.


    1. I agree, Cheryl. My son does a photography course as part of a program he facilitates for people with barriers to employment and it also seems to be a very positive experience for the participants.


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