3 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #107”

  1. This is a stunningly interesting photo, Elizabeth. The black cat behind the plastic dotted curtain enjoys an air of mystery befitting, well, a black cat while it teases us with its bemused look at the viewer. The dots could be rain drops or snow flakes and only the cat knows – you couldn’t have set this us better.


  2. Great shot Elizabeth. Is the kitty behind the curtain real? Before I opened the file, the thumbnail looked like that was freezing rain or snow or some other nasty business splashing itself all over the window. Every time I watch the national news, you are getting nailed by ugly weather. Delighted to see this is a creative shot and the grey is the tone you selected to present it and not the weather.


  3. This is absolutely marvellous Elizabeth — mysterious and at the same time sweet — the cat so comfortably (and decoratively) ensconced behind the plastic curtain — balancing so beautifully the coloured glass ornaments in the window — the curtain looking at first glance as if it is rain-spotted, but no — and the mystery of why the curtain is there…. Enchanting!


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