16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #106”

  1. Great WW shot, Elizabeth. Tells the story of the quientessential Canadian winter game on frozen ponds, lakes, river, back yard rinks … oh but wait … is that a soccer ball I see in the foreground?


  2. I so agree with Cheryl, above — except that I am wondering if the “soccer ball” is in fact a pair of shoes that someone has slipped out of? A wonderful winter scene, ad I love that the hockey players are mot deterred by the layer of snow on the ice!!!


    1. There are both a pair of shoes (or boots) and a soccer ball, Barbara. And actually, there wasn’t snow on the ice there. They had shovelled out a “rink” but it doesn’t show up in the photo for some reason. In fact, somebody had shovelled out two “rinks”, one for kids learning to skate and one for hockey, AND a trail around the entire edge of the pond. It was wonderful!

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  3. Yes, the soccer ball is the focus, oddly. And maybe the story? Confusion about this winter’s weather patterns has people confused as to what the game will be from hour to hour… best to have all manner of choices at hand. (:


  4. Yes, I thought the soccer ball added interest and if I were better with editing tools (as opposed to blanket effects) I would have enhanced the red on it. I might have a try sometime and repost. Maybe they just had it for backup in case they lost the puck or something. They were definitely playing hockey.


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