20 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #105”

  1. What a stunner! So beautiful to look at and at the same time the story of ancient use of the land. The “stone hedge” and then the humps and hollows, surely some of those are barrows??? Where is this? Just looking at it, one breathes in the green wind.


  2. I loved scrolling down through this photo for a slow reveal. First, the creamy clouds, a layer of blue mountains, then the shock of verdant fields and hills intersected by an ancient stone wall. WOW. Looking forward to knowing where this is, Elizabeth.


  3. I think about the wall builder and am glad they at least had the most exquisite landscape in which to spend however unfathomly long it took to build. WHAT a shot this is! For so many reasons. My eyes practically water at the beauty of it. I keep having to blink. Where?? (Shall we all meet there and have a picnic?)


    1. Oh, wouldn’t that be lovely, Carin? I’ll meet you all there for sure. I’ll even bring the picnic. Mustard and cress sandwiches, cake and ginger beer.


  4. A breathtakingly rich scene — the vivid green of the landscape, and the “wave” of wall flowing away (it feels like there’s movement) from the viewer and into a distance that seems impossibly far, impossibly beautiful — blue hills and ominous clouds. Perfect composition. Was this taken in England?


  5. From the comment I read above would this be part of Hadrian’s famous wall ? I’ve never seen it, not even in a photograph .. strange that. You’ve done a great job saturating the colours to make this really spectacular photo ..


      1. Of course, it is an Italian wall in a way! Though I was thinking about how the people who built it had been there for almost 300 years by then and so in a way they might have been not so much Italian but like many of us Euro-Canadians, descendants of people who had invaded the land generations earlier. Good to know it is famous in Italy anyway, it deserves its fame.

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      2. I’ve got a feeling that the Romans who built the wall didn’t quite feel that they were British in any way. Rome tended to send troops out rather than actually settle down in the conquered lands, though of course some stayed on and became “indigenized”. It seems that the Romans were terrorized by the nude blue painted warriors that came down from Scotland from time to time … which is why they built the wall … and yes, it’s very famous as are all things Roman here in Italy.

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