15 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #104”

  1. I want to ski off into this landscape through the inviting gap in those birches — I want to peel off little strips of those trunks and write tiny poems and scatter them as I glide — I want to breathe that snowy air — but wisely you have left this scene in its total perfection, and passed it along to us! thank you Elizabeth.


    1. I love this image of skiing into the landscape. Thanks you. I have to say that in the past I have occasionally torn strips off to write on or do things with. In fact, I think my Christmas cards last year might have been partly birch bark. I haven’t sent any cards yet this year but hope to get them out by Chinese New Year!


  2. This stunning image is making me homesick, Elizabeth. I’ll just have to consider painting it to feel like I’m home. Without that little hint of green-gold in the background, this could so easily be a B&W.


  3. I love the composition of this one, Elizabeth, the viewer peeking through the closer birches to the view beyond. There are such beautiful textures and shapes, and even a little splash of gold in the distant trees, in this winter landscape. You can taste the cold. Simply beautiful.


  4. I love black and white in colour. Gorgeous composition. Brilliant eye. And something about that particular quality of ‘cold’ air you’ve captured…


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