7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #102”

  1. This photo really has me pondering Elizabeth. It says so much but at the same time is a mystery – I’m very much looking forward to the reveal. The significance of the cross? Is the dog keeping watch??


  2. Is this beautiful creature grieving for whomever rests beneath the cross, Elizabeth? The dog seems to be settled in for the ‘long haul’. Looking forward to the reveal. Impressive story, here!


  3. The expression on the dog’s face… says it’s there for the long haul. Or am I reading into what I believe is happening here? Maybe the dog is merely resting, unaware of the cross. The truth is almost irrelevant because what the photo does is remind us of the love and loyalty of animals. It’s brilliant and touching and powerful. One of those images I won’t forget. Regardless of why s/he’s there.


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