18 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #96”

  1. I love the angle you’ve chosen for this picture, Elizabeth – it would have been possibly ordinary if you’d taken it straight on. It also highlights and brings forward the silvery blue lock while allowing the others to meld into the background. You’ve also given me an idea!


  2. For some reason one of those old “around the piano” songs comes into my head, something like, “Come where my love lies dreamingā€¦???””” though I want to change it to “Come where the love locks dangleā€¦”. This is lovely, and of course full of stories and hopes and dreams.


  3. Yes, the angle on this one is powerful. Very artistic. It makes it about more than the subject. The lines are dynamic (especially those vertical ones at the one-third point). I can’t tell quite what you’ve done with the colour, but … something? I like the shininess of the locks, and the vivid blue and red of the ones at left. It has a sort of futuristic look to it. And also, in a way, the feel of a very realistic drawing. Intriguing!


    1. Thanks, Allyson! I didn’t actually do anything to the colour. It’s just a combination of the reddish tinge of the river water and the luminosity of the early evening light (if that’s not redundant).


  4. The angle is everything here. Brilliant. And oddly frightening. There’s a sense of movement, distance, big water below… or so it appears to the landlubber in me.


  5. I know the locks are supposed to be romantic, but the image reminds me of jail! Is this on the NF ferry? Lovely composition, light, colour, as everyone says. I think it’s the misty no-detail background that makes it work, especially.


    1. It’s on the Petticodiac, from the bridge in Dieppe. And yes, I think it has a slightly ominous and dangerous feel to it, though it didn’t in reality. It’s just something about the light and the angle.


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