10 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #92”

  1. Oh this is terrific. It speaks on so many levels, aside from being such a great “picture”. The charming smiling figure, stalwart and brilliantly dressed standing with …
    Oh my, there’s so much I want to say:

    but in truth the photo speaks best for itself. This is poignant and heartening and wonderful Elizabeth!


  2. What a wonderful, wonderful portrait, Elizabeth. I love the way you’ve made the figure central to the landscape, even rising beyond the horizon, giving her the importance she so obviously deserves.


  3. The choice of dress could not have been better; what a wonderful contrast to the natural beachy tones. And her expression, the fact that she’s so at ease, alone there. We know she’s not alone, and yet… The ripples on the sand, too, what a wonderful effect. Assuming she’s arrived just after the tide went out. No other footprints… gives her a splash of ‘mystical’… Story please. (:


  4. What an awesome smile! How I would love to have that shining on me. A statuesque beauty enjoying a stroll at low tide, so perfectly captured and presented here. Thank you.


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