7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #88”

  1. Ah yes. So much here in this beautiful solitude. I love silhouettes, shadows, all that kind of thing that doesn’t let you see exactly what is; somehow I think we look more closely at images then. It’s a woman wading in the water, but is it a woman or a man in the foreground… either way I think s(he) is about to propose once the woman stops hunting for starfish. (Alternate story: they’ve just had a heated argument and she tossed her ring in the water… )


    1. Interesting that you saw it as a romance, Carin. It’s actually my daughter and grandson! It reminds me of a time when David took his daughter out for supper. They were seated on a lovely terrace by candlelight and a server passing by commented, “Very romantic!” The forthright daughter exclaimed “Romantic, nothing! He’s my Dad!”


    1. See response to Carin above. Funny that you both saw it as a romance! It must be the pale pink haze and shimmering water.


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