16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #87”

  1. This is just such a perfect example of balance and construction and the importance of every element in shot. Were that coat any other colour, it would be a very different experience. I’m not even sure it’s a photo of an actual scene, or a painting on a wall. I kind of love not knowing. But you’re going to tell us, right? (:


  2. What an interesting “canvass” effect you’ve achieved here! Yet at the same time not sure if this might be an actual depiction of the air quality in Beijing? Pray not! It is a fascinating “tale” — the lovely young slim red-coated girl, the suitcase burdened fellow walking ahead. Are they connected in any way, one wonders? And the fine balance of the red coat, the red lanterns…. A lovely mysterious shot.


    1. Xian, Barbara, and, as far as I know, they weren’t connected. I loved the way the colours repeated themselves though. The coat had a lot of beautiful detail on the back, which doesn’t come out very well here. I may post another version of it later.


      1. PS Not the air quality, just the editing, but I have to say that I have been in the mountains near both Beijing and Xian and unable to see the views at all because of smog.


  3. Just lovely. This could be a book cover, Elizabeth, and quite definitely a story prompt! What an interesting, grainy effect (how did you achieve that?). As Carin said, it’s got perfect balance, and I love the pattern of repeated vertical lines — the girl being one of them — and the way the bold red of her coat is echoed in those red elements at top left (though I’m not sure what they are). Where was it taken?


    1. It was taken last fall in Xian, Allyson, and the grainy effect is one of the many in camera editing possibilities in my Samsung Galaxy camera, which I love. I like the idea of the image as a book cover and in fact I often think of certain photos (others’ as well as my own) as potential book covers and wonder what the story would be. We are very narrative in our photo analyses, aren’t we?


  4. Love this post-processing paper effect, Elizabeth. The hit of red in the foreground pulls the eye in and then it’s a gentle journey into the rest of the photo details. Lovely!


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