16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #75”

  1. Steps to the metro? Paris? Terrific shot. I love the silhouetted chatting couple, Parisienne chatting couple, chic even in stark outline (are they real??? surely they are!) so engaged! Wonderful and intriguing shot.


    1. Ha! Yes, Paris, and steps to a little side street, but the couple (not really a couple) are one Canadian and one Greek. They are chic though, I agree.


  2. I like how this is ‘almost’ B&W. Those hits of colour are so perfect. That turquoise! The red toque, the scarf of the woman way in the distance. The sculpture is almost incidental… it only draws my eye in further. I want to know about that toque’d and scarved pair. Are they lovers that just had a spat? Or separate? In which case what is the toque’d one looking at? And the women in the foreground… they’re also involved in this story, albeit reluctantly… plotting something nefarious is my guess.


    1. I love your imagination, Carin. Actually all the people in the photo were fellow attendees at the conference I was at. No spats, no couples, just good company. The one with the tuque was standing there because I asked him not to move as I thought his red tuque added something to the composition, so I guess he was looking at me!


  3. Love the composition here — the arched red cat creating a frame within a frame, the silhouettes of the two women caught mid-conversation, the lines of the railing and stairs leading us down and along the cobbled path, further into the picture. In fact, there are lots of interesting lines in this one: the horizonal lines of the stairs, the shadows of the railing, the bars on the windows, the line up the middle of the cobbled walk. This one could definitely inspire a story: what have those two stopped to talk about? Hmm.


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