7 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #72”

  1. Love your POV on this one Elizabeth. It implies that the wheel barrows have done there job … perhaps the latest in generations of repairs of this stone wall.


  2. Well you guys are a lot sharper than I am! My first impression was “attack of the insects” coming over that wall. And even when I enlarged and realized that those where rubber wheels, I thought it was some sort of very long mechanical contraption though I had no idea what. This is an amazing shot. And I still maintain that it has an ominous “beetle attack” feeling about it. Very clever! And I love the sky!


  3. I wouldn’t have got ‘wheelbarrows’ either had I not cheated and read the above. What a find! And I love the olde worlde feel you’ve given the shot by softening the image. Colours, too, beautifully done!


  4. This one’s intriguing, Elizabeth. I had no idea what these were! I thought at first they were some sort of protection along the wall to keep out intruders. But as Barbara says, it could also look like an impending attack by some sort of mechanized invaders. Wheelbarrows! Do you know the story behind this? Love the angle you chose, and the composition — the swaths of colour and different textures (grass, stones, sky). Also, the post-production I think makes it look almost animated and a tad more menacing. Or maybe that’s just the mood I’m in!


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