6 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #69”

  1. What a great “geometric” shot, Elizabeth — with all the revealing human action and interaction too. I count four people checking their “status” on their phones, and then, thank goodness, a lively conversation, a mother actually reading or doing a puzzle with her little boy, a bright smiling face looking directly camera-ward, a mother cuddling her little one, and in the background those three black figures that could almost be posed there as representatives of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no… (etc.) … or so, at least, I allow myself to imagine my way into the mind of the photographer who may have been waiting for her plane in this clean but excessively sterile space for a very long time with no respite in sight but to join the others on those ridged uncomfortable looking benches! Terrific. So much for the imagination. Oh and I forgot the “walking figure” at the very back.


  2. What a fun shot, Elizabeth. I love the way the colourful clothing and jaunty expressions of those in the foreground contrasts with the stark reflective flooring and plain benches. Despite it looking like a waiting area of some kind, everyone looks quite relaxed and fluid.


  3. Interesting geometry here, and a frame within a frame. One of the first things I noticed was the bright colours of the clothing, especially of the women and little boy at front. Love that there’s so much to look at here as our eyes roam around the square — people relaxing in various positions, and engaged in different activities (aside from phone-watching). I can’t say why, but I find the random composition of those three backs set close together at the rear interesting. Looks like only the woman in the colourful green with black polka dot shirt noticed you taking the photo? That makes it fun, one set of eyes seemingly on us as we in turn study the shot.


  4. Definitely not taken in Toronto. No enough black clothing! (:
    I adore the colours and the snapshots of various moments in time. That pair of moving legs in the background feels all-important, sends the message that the whole shot is a fluid thing, everyone, despite their relaxed appearance, is ‘on the move’. Interesting how only one person noticed ‘you’…


  5. What everyone else said, and I love the composition, and I also notice that one corner of the seating square is dressed colourfully while the other two sides are monotone. Something I like about China is how postures and body language and even clothes are not so gendered as they are in the west.


  6. Delightful in so many aspects, Elizabeth! I especially like the smile on the face of the woman in the green dotted top looking straight at you, the shooter.


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