5 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #68”

  1. This is just wild. First of all, I didn’t even see it as real. The black wall looks other-worldy, and the list looks like a list off the web, so together it strikes me as this mad juxtaposition, which requires me to think, asking myself: what?? what is happening here??? Which is what I’ve been doing for some time. To no avail. So I’m left with thinking maybe it IS an actual brick wall, black, with a sign listing pirate accessories as confectionery. I mean, maybe it’s an alternate universe. Is that so hard to believe?? If so, kudos for three things: your delicious sense of humour. Finding a black wall. And cropping the picture in precisely this maddening way that alludes to a sense of unreality… because the black wall and the pirate thing aren’t unreal ‘enough’. [ahem]

    Don’t be long with the reveal… anxiously awaiting.


    1. It is entirely real, Carin. The sign and the wall it is on are in Southwark, London – near the Clink prison. Possibly the pirate supplies have something to do with the Clink, not sure…


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