14 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday #66”

  1. Ooooh. We’re having some good fun, I see! With beautiful results. Love the choice of muted colours. That shade of green, the yellow. And what looks like reflection of trees in the white water. Stunning, Elizabeth.


  2. Love the post-processing effect you’ve created with this shot. What a beautiful way to hold onto the pond’s surroundings without distracting the viewer from the main focal point! Spectacular composition, Elizabeth!


  3. This is a beauty. I love the little bird’s determined striding forward, rather than doing the obvious thing of flying! And, as others have observed, the interesting effects you have created, and the soft rather mysterious palette, contrasting with the definite (and determined) shape of the central character.


  4. Elizabeth, this is lovely — the soft muted tones, the post-production brushstroke effect, the contrast of the dark bird in mid-stride, giving a sense of movement. I remember you liked the one I took some time ago of a heron — interesting to see how the same subject can receive such different, but equally appealing, treatments. I don’t know why photographs that look like paintings are so appealing, but they are. Was this taken in Shediac?


    1. I really loved your heron one, Allyson – it had something very special. Yes, this was taken at Pointe-du-ChĂȘne, just below our cottage.


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